Volunteering in Georgia, Handbook

Partnership-building Activity, Manual

Exploring Power of Art in The Community, Toolkit

სახელმძღვანელო პოლიტიკის განმსაზღვრელთათვის ინკლუზიური გადაწყვეტილებების მიღებაზე

სახელმძღვანელო მედიის თანამშრომლებისათვის ინკლუზიური გადაწყვეტილებების მიღებაზე

სახელმძღვანელო სამოქალაქო საზოგადოების ორგანიზაციებისთვის 

ინკლუზიური გადაწყვეტილებების მიღებაზე

Training and consultancy

APD team of trainers, experts and consultants offer trainings, expertise and consultancies on the following Areas:


For youth workers:


  • Conflict management and transformation

  • Peace-building and Reconciliation

  • Project cycle management

  • International cooperation

  • Youth participation and empowerment

  • Youth inclusion 

  • Volunteering and volunteer management

  • Training for trainers

  • Youth workers competences

For young people:


  • Active/European citizenship

  • Nonviolence and campaigning

  • Gender education

  • Peace education

  • Forum theatre

  • Presentation and communication skills

  • Intercultural learning

  • Anti-discrimination

  • Presonal development

  • Coaching

  • Motivational leadership


For civil servant responsible for youth policy implementation:


  • Democracy education

  • Civil servant competences

  • Youth policy and youth policy action plan development

  • Youth research

  • Strategic planning and management