APD Team

Maka Sartania | Acting Executive Director


Maka is a project manager and trainer in various directions of non-formal education, such as: Peace education, healthy lifestyle, personal development etc. She is involved in youth work since 2001. 

In APD Maka is responsible for management and coordination of long term local, national and regional projects, delivering training sessions and workshops in frames of projects, run by APD. 

Israel Peralta | Consultant and Trainer


is a freelance trainer and consultant on Peace Education. He graduated in Journalism and “Communication in conflicts and peace” in 2007, and since then he is working and collaborating with different peace focused NGOs. Israel facilitates training courses on the topics of peace-building, conflict transformation, nonviolent action and active participation. Since 2010 his regional focus is the South Caucasus and Eastern Europe, where he lives since February 2012. Israel is also an external expert advisor at the International Institute for Nonviolent Action and a member of the permanent council at the International University for Peace.

Paata Alaverdashvili | International Coordinator

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Misha Rogava | Project Manager

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Shota Danelia | Project coordinator


Shota is involved in the field of youth work and project management since 2012. He started with APD as beneficiary, then as a volunteer and now works as a project coordinator. Shota is in charge of coordinating logistics and technical assistance for APDs national, regional and international projects. 

Eka Odisharia | Financial manager and Accountant


Eka is working as an financial manager and accountan since 2006. She has been working for various companies and non-profit making organisations as an accountant and financial manager. She is involved with APD since 2008. 

Nina Gogoladze | Consultant and Trainer


is a trainer and consultant on non-formal education and youth work. She graduated in International Journalism in 2005. Starting from 2000 she has been actively involved in the youth field as a trainer and project manager. In 2003, she founded the Youth Centre “Sunny House” where she implemented programmes on personal development and practical psychology, youth work, non-formal education, nonviolent communication, conflict management, advocacy, active citizenship and participation. Nina also has experience in working with governmental organizations and international educational and donor organizations e.g. the World Bank, PH-International, SALTO, World Vision and the Council of Europe.

Sebastian Schweitzer | Consultant and Trainer


Sebastian Schweitzer is a freelance trainer and consultant who has been working in the educational sector since 2003. He finished Political Science and started working in political and civic education in Germany. In 2006, he focused his work on the South Caucasus and the Western Balkans. Sebastian facilitates seminars and training courses on topics such as peace-building, conflict transformation, active participation and civic education for civil society activists and project managers. From 2011 to 2013, Sebastian co-managed a peace education programme for schoolteachers in Macedonia.

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