CO:CREATE - From Self-Authorship to Active Citizenship

Training Course CO:CREATE - From Self-Authorship to Active Citizenship was implemented in from 17 untill 25th of October in Lagodekhi, Georgia. The project was coordinated by Cercle Libre - Association for Social Aesthetics (AT) and hosted by Academy for Peace and Development. Training course was funded by the Austrian National Agency for the Erasmus+ Program IZ - Vielfalt Dialog Bildung.

The learning objectives of the training course were:

- To raise awareness of global interconnectedness and personal responsibility towards . the global community - To promote active citizenship, foster youth participation in democratic life and support civic engagement - To contribute to a continuous dialogue about European and Global values, solidarity and equality - To equip the participants with tools and approaches to increase their wellbeing and thus create a ripple-down effect on their communities

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