Job-shadowing in Utrecht, The Netherlands

Mane Marukyan, the participants of the KA2 project, “Youth as Peacevuilders”, visited The Tree Party for the job-shadowing activity in Utrecht, the Netherlands: "During my two-weeks job shadowing (10-23.05.2018) in The Netherlands I had an opportunity to discover the working field of some NGOs and Social Entrepreneurs, and municipality based organizations that deal with Green projects, sustainability and Civil Society. I had a chance to observe and learn how a young NGO as The Tree Party is developing its strategies, and capacities, how it approaches to bigger target group using marketing techniques and personal networks, how it launches its campaigns to attract the authorities and to raise awareness of the importance of their goals. The diverse program of mine enabled me to job-shadow not only in The Tree Party but also in a couple of other profit and non-profit organizations that have a tangible local and why not global impact. This helped me to learn from the local best practices, to better visualize my own ideas and projects, to explore possibilities of future networks, and possible partner institutions or individuals.

I also had a very interesting educational tour in Fort de Bilt, a former military fortress which is now turned into a Peace Education center by Prodemos.

To sum up, my visits to some local NGOs and institutions, active in education and greening up the world in Utrecht and around helped me to better see the interconnectedness and interdependence of Peacebuilding, Human Rights and Environmental issues (Green projects) the latter being the central focus point of mine. In the near future, I am determined to develop my own project that tackles these fields."

The project is co-financed by the ERASMUS+ programme of the European Union.

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