For the World to Be Done, a training course in Kobuleti, Georgia

During the 9 days on 12-20th of June 2018 in the small town of Kobuletil, Georgia 30 youth leaders and educators from Armenia, Ukraine, Latvia, Netherlands, Azerbaijan, Poland, Sweden and Georgia worked together in order to share best practices, learn new approaches and methods of dealing constructively with different complex societal issues.

The project strives for developing the competences of youth community workers and young activists/leaders through a combination of a distant learning programme, guided community assessments and two residential training courses on youth peacebuilding and project development for youth peacebuilding initiatives at community level. As a result the participants shall be enabled to guide young people in planning, monitoring and evaluation of youth-lead peacebuilding initiatives on local level.

The objectives of the project are:

  • To enhance the competences of youth community workers and young activists in supporting young people in planning and implementing local youth peace advocacy initiatives

  • To innovate youth advocacy initiatives fostering youth engagement for peace at community level

  • To reinforce the links and partnerships between European youth NGOs promoting youth peacebuilding at local and European levels

The educational programme of the project is based on principles of non-formal education, the experiences of the organisers, partner organisations and experts involved in designing peace education activities. The trainers make use of the “Designing learning for Peace” Competence Framework on Peace Education. The same group will come to Kobuleti again in September of this year.

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