Reconnect and Transform, a training course in Lagodekhi, Georgia

In the modern world young people often experience mental overload and dissociation from self and nature. As we live in an achievement- and progress-oriented and individualistic society, the amount of a problem-based media coverage on globally relevant issues leads to a feeling of exhaustion and despair: “I am responsible for solving it all, but don’t know where and how to begin.” The results of this get translated, on one hand, into social indifference and passivity due to the overload of challenges, on the other hand- into despair and powerlessness due to the global magnitude of some of the challenges.

Against this background, this project proposal aims at providing youth workers and youth educators with competences to approach systemic global problems with an empowered personal perspective and empower them to transfer this competence to other youngsters.

Therefore, during the training in Lagodekhi (21-30.04.2018), 28 youth workers and youth educators from 8 countries, were practising reflecting and reconnect with their own emotional and mental states and also connecting with the nature regarding the complex challenges of our time, identify their roles and capacities to contribute to overcoming these challenges and develop their competencies to empower other youngsters and their communities.

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