Call For Participants Only From Georgia

Training Course-Empowering Those on the Field

Venue: Kobuleti, Georgia.

Dates: 16-24 July

General Information about the Training:

The training course aims to provide youth workers with a comprehensive understanding of dynamics of contemporary conflicts and the impact that young people - as those mainly effected by them – can have in influencing change processes in Europe. The primary aim is the strengthen the role of young people in peace building activities in conflict settings across Europe by enhancing their competences as agents of change and empowering them to take an active role as responsible and active citizens on community and European levels.

Therefore, the course will provide youth workers and youth leaders with an introduction to conflict studies, conflict analysis, conflict dynamics and conflict intervention by applying approaches of conflict transformation. Additionally, conflict transformation will be put into the context of youth work by integrating youth empowerment and participation into conflict intervention models. Based on this introduction, the participants will intensively deal with youth participation and approaches to youth inclusion to set up youth initiatives addressing conflicts on local, regional and European levels.

The intervention training will provide practical and easy-to-use tools for conflict analysis and design for conflict intervention. Therefore, a variety of non-formal educational tools such simulation exercises, group work, debates, theater methods will be accompanied with feedback and evaluation sessions, cultural evenings organized by the participants, and excursions.


  • To study approaches to conflict transformation

  • To share methods and experiences for youth empowerment in conflict settings

  • To highlight the importance of youth participation in conflict transformation

  • To work on future plans for European cooperation on youth project in processes of conflict transformation


  • Conflict transformation

  • The role of youth in change processes and in transforming conflicts

  • Youth empowerment

  • Conflicts in contemporary Europe

  • Developing youth-based conflict interventions on community level

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