Strengthening Culture of Peace – Seminars in Tbilisi

During 5 days (March 19th to 23rd) 30 educators, civic activists and CSO staff from the region gathered in Tbilisi to further develop their competences in peace education and to integrate Culture of Peace into their activities and organisational strategy. Participants also had the chance to provide with relevant feedback on the research being developed by six experts on the topic.

Participants explored the main elements and principles of Culture of Peace, and then divided into two main directions: peace education, in which methodology, methods, principles and potentials in the region were discussed; and strategic planning, in which participants reviewed the project cycle and integrated different consideration in order to make projects and strategies of CSOs more oriented towards Culture of Peace.

​​During the selection process of participants for the seminars, APD received more than 300 applications from Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia. Other than a reflect of the efforts to spread the call and get in touch with the most relevant educators and coordinators of the region, it shows the big interest on the topic the need for this type of activities.

The evaluation of the training courses was very satisfactory. The overall evaluation of the Seminar by the participants was:

  1. (not satisfied at all) 0%

  2. (not satisfied) 0%

  3. (satisfied) 21.1%

  4. (very satisfied) 52.6%

  5. (fully satisfied) 26.3%

Also 94.7% of the participants expressed their improvement in the understanding of Culture of Peace and their willingness to integrate it into their future activities.

Nevertheless, the work doesn’t stop here. Participants expressed the urge of developing their competences as educators and coordinators in connection with peacebuilding, peace education and community development in order to contribute and promote Culture of Peace in the region. Strengthening Culture of Peace will continue during next 2019 offering these opportunities! See you there!

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