Call For Participants Only From Georgia

For the world to be done – Youth take actions for peace

Venue: Kobuleti, Georgia.

Dates: 12-20 June

Project Description:

Europe has seen an increase in violence and societal conflicts in the past years, that are not only a challenge to the people living today, but also have a potential effect on future generations as they challenge Europe`s peace fundamentally. Examples of this are the following: - The war in Eastern Ukraine causes hundred thousands of IDPs and refugees and no common European policy is developed to support those suffering from the war

- The formerly frozen conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh has increased in intensity since 2015 with a major military confrontation in 2016 without hardly any European public noticing it

- The terroristic attacks in Europe (Spain, France, Germany, Belgium) in the last years divide Muslim and non-Muslim population in Europe

- The increasing nationalistic and anti-Muslim attitudes in Europe jeopardise the European integration process as they claim that Muslims do not belong to Europe besides a centuries long history of Muslim population in many parts of Europe

- The Syrian refugee crisis does not have any joint European responds on political level, but is used to limit the freedom of movement within the EU by closing borders that belong to the Schengen area. The effects of these societal challenges and conflicts trickle down to local communities in which young people often face difficulties in finding appropriate ways of responding to the societal conflicts that affect their daily life. Accordingly, our partner organisations indicated that many young people in their communities have the following learning needs:

- Understanding of the existing societal challenges and their effects

- Good comprehension of peace building approaches and practices, especially of means of youthled peace building

- Ability to generate needs-based community interventions Thus, the project proposal aims to contribute to strengthening the capacities of young people in planning, implementation and evaluation of youth-led grass-root community projects addressing societal challenges.

Objectives of the project:

- To empower young people and strengthen their competences in planning, implementation and evaluation of youth-led community addressing urgent community challenges in the social or environmental field

- To implement small scale youth-led and needs-based community actions addressing community challenges of youth relevance in the partner countries - To strengthen and intensify transnational cooperation between the project partners and translate this cooperation into sustainable long-term partnership for nonviolent and youth-led change processes

Please follow the link and fill the application form

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