Youth for Peace, a training course in Misaktsieli, Georgia, 9-17 February 2018

The social tension between different communities is increasing across Europe. For many young people today their future appears uncertain and out of their own control. Working within our societies, we have witnessed how conflicts can quickly move from a phase of discontent and tension to full-blown conflict if not dealt constructively. The youth is often on the front line in this trend towards increasing tension, resistance and violence. Youth can also be at the forefront of finding better solutions to these problems in societies. During the 9 days on 9-17th of February 2018 in the small town of Misaktsiel in countryside of Georgia 30 youth leaders and educators from Armenia, Belarus, Moldova, Estonia, Finland, Portugal, Italy, Serbia and Georgia worked together in order to share best practices, learn new approaches and methods of dealing constructively with different complex societal issues. We started with analysing our own position in societies and the patterns of discrimination and power we are part of. With exercises we improved our skills on empathy, creating safe space and transforming destructive behaviour and language to cooperation. We practised several concrete tools and methods to analyse conflicts and make participatory plans for local intervention with young people. Combining the expertise of inclusive and anti-racist youth work practices, conflict mediation, non-formal education and dialogue facilitation we created an inspiring space for transformation and future projects to make the world a better place for all!

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