EVS coordinators meetings in 2018

Venue:Tbilisi, Georgia

Dates: 23-25 February

Description: In first part of 2018, SALTO EECA invites EVS projects' coordinators from Eastern Partnership Countries and Russia to seventh annual, national meetings.The meetings will be an opportunity to integrate the EVS community in each country, to share experiences and good practices in sending and hosting volunteers, to discuss obstacles and plan common steps to overcome them.

EVS coordinators in any level of experience, are invited for 3 days meetings. For the meetings we invite one coordinator per organisation with EVS accreditation (exceptionally without accreditation if well justified and if we have free places). From Belarus and Azerbaijan we can invite exceptionally 2 representatives. Each meeting will be run by experienced facilitator(s) and there will be possibility to meet and talk with SALTO EECA officer.

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