Youth Forum "V4 Meets EaP Countries"

Academy for Peace and Development in cooperation with MeOut Association (Hungary) will host Youth Forum "V4 Meets EaP Countries" through December 1-3, 2017 in Tbiisi, Georgia.

The Forum is supported by the Visegrad Fund and enjoys the support of theHungarian Presidency of the Visegrad Group as well. This is the only event which targets civil society organizations and organized by a Hungarian NGO in cooperation with its local partners in Georgia and Azerbaijan involving all V4 and Eastern Partnership Countries.

The story of organizing this forum dates back to more than a year when the idea emerged that under the Hungarian Presidency a V4 forum should be organized and implemented. Soon 10 countries representatives, decision makers, state representatives and ambassadors will meet to discuss the current challenges and trying to find solutions for them.

Visit Forum web-site to learn more about it.

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