Call for Participants Only from Georgia

Training Course An Entrepreneurial Approach to Peace-Building

Dates: 1-9 September 2017

Venue: Kobuleti, Georgia

General Information:

Currently, the EU and its neighbouring regions facing diverse societal challenges and conflicts. Not only is the economic crisis with a high youth unemployment rate still not overcome, but also social and political conflicts dominate modern European societies in many concerns as e.g. the anti-Islamist movements in Western Europe and the Ukraine crisis illustrate.

That is why, peace-building and conflict transformation are increasingly popular concepts in local and international youth work, particularly in post-violent settings in Eastern and South Eastern Europe, but these concepts also gain ground addressing community conflicts in Western Europe. Most of the approaches in use focus on people-to-people approaches bringing people from conflicting communities together. However, they often do not address directly the contradiction in the conflict but rather work on attitudes existing between the people in conflict, while the contradictions are needs-based and in many contexts of material, economical or substantial nature.

On the contrary, approaches based on social entrepreneurship do particularly focus on this. The emphasis of social entrepreneurship is on finding economic solutions to underlying material and economic issues that trigger very often resentments, fears and envy towards people or groups of people that are different in regards to ethnicity, social background, religion or status. Thus, social entrepreneurship as a means in peace-building complements existing approaches - by adding a business based solution to dealing with the underlying reasons of many conflicts - addressing directly community problems or conflicts by offering direct market solutions to social problems and by strengthening the economic situation within the community.

While the above stated traditional approaches to conflicts and social injustice are usually civil society or state led, business-based interventions manage the integration of economic actors and are worth to be explored as a means to foster social change from a youth perspective as they offers a two-folded approach to the existing challenges in Europe:

1) address youth unemployment from a business perspective and

2) combatting social injustice and societal conflicts from a grass-root and community perspective.


- To understand the diversity and complexity of peace-building and processes of social change

- To explore social entrepreneurship as a means to peace-building and change processes

- To develop an understanding for the role of social entrepreneurship in fostering youth participation and inclusion in processes of social change

- To develop socially responsible entrepreneurial ideas to address societal conflicts and social challenges on local or international level in Europe

Please follow the link and fill the application form:

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