Training Course Youth Empowerment for Inclusion-Change Making by Capacity Development

Training Course Youth Empowerment for Inclusion – Change Making by Capacity Development 29 November – 07 December 2016 Misaktsieli, Georgia.

General Project Information:

Against the background of a raising number of refugees and IDP s, due to migration within Europe due to the war in Syria and Ukraine and the “old” IDP s from the wars in the 1990 es in the Caucasus, the project would like to provide youth workers from Western and Eastern Europe with a platform debating reasons and effects of migration as well as approaches and concrete activities for addressing aspects of inclusion and supporting young people in the challenging process of inclusion.

Thus, the project proposal aims to strengthen the competences of youth workers and youth leaders in finding adequate approaches for fostering the inclusion and empowerment of marginalized young people of migration and minority background.

This since youth inclusion and empowerment are challenging tasks, the project is composed of two training courses, each tackling different aspects of inclusion and empowerment work that youth workers face in their work.

The second training course is dedicated to youth empowerment by educational means of non-formal education. The topics of the course still need to be defined together with the participants, possible themes are:

- A training of trainers with a specific focus on how to aid young peoples` development of self-confidence, trust in own abilities, and initiative taking, but it will also include aspects of project design for youth empowerment work.

- A project development course to introduce coherent needs-based and outcome oriented project development tools.

As a result the participants shall be enabled to design, implement and evaluate their own projects and/ or educational programmes on youth inclusion and youth empowerment.

Objectives of the project:

  • To strengthen the understanding of inclusion challenges for young migrants and minority youth

  • To explore the role of youth work in inclusion and empowerment work for young migrants and minority youth

  • To increase the quality of project design of inclusion and empowerment projects for young migrants and minority youth

  • To create transnational partnerships on youth inclusion and youth empowerment among youth organisations

Themes addressed by the project:

  • Reasons and effects of migration

  • Inclusion challenges for young migrants and minority youth

  • Youth inclusion and youth empowerment

  • Project design for inclusion and empowerment work

  • Non-formal education as a tool in youth empowerment

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