Young Diplomats for Peace and Dialogue in Ukraine and Georgia – Project Kick-off Meeting

APD in cooperation with Crossing Borders (Denmark) and Alternative-V (Ukraine) with the financial support from the Civil Society in Development (CISU) are starting project "Young Diplomats for Peace and Dialogue in Ukraine and Georgia" for upcoming 24 months. The project kick-off meeting is taking place in Denmark through August 7-8, 2016.

The overall objective of the project is to make a contribution to a bottom-up, people-to-people approach to peace-building by strengthening the role of young people as peace ambassadors capable of acting as a bridge to peaceful conflict resolution among the post-soviet societies, particularly in Ukraine and Georgia civil societies.

The specific objective so the project are

  • To empower young people to become peace ambassadors capable of fostering peace at local and transnational level;

  • To create a sustainable partnership among civil society organizations (CSOs) in Denmark, Ukraine, and Georgia

  • Facilitate a strong CSO – Local Schools partnership/network as a way of ensuring that there is sustained connectivity between non-formal education methods to peacebuilding and mainstream education systems

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