National partnerships
International Partnerships
Since 2004 APD has established long-term and sustainable partnerships with several civil society organisations from Europe. Partnership-building contnues, therefore we are looking forward and are open for the future partnership.
The list of APDs main partners are given bellow:

APD cooperates with the SALTO Eastern Europe and Caucasus Resource Centre and the Foundation for the Development of the Educational System (FRSE) since 2004. In partnership with SALTO EECA and FRSE APD has organised numerous activities in Georgia for youth workers and youth leaders from European countries.

APD is a member of the United Network of Young Peace builders (UNOY) since 2010. In partnership with UNOY APD has organised and participated in numerous activities with the aim to promote idea of building and living peace.

APD is in partnership with the European Intercultural Forum e.V. (EIF) since 2009. Since then APD in cooperation with EIF has co-organised international youth projects in Georgia and other parts of Europe.

APD is in partnership with the Slovak-Georgian Society (SGS) since 2007. APD and SGS annually coorganise international youth projects in Georgia. Moreover, APD and SGS have successfully cooperated in the frames of the SlovakAID project with the aim of empowerment of young peple affected by the Georgians conflict with Russia.

APD has started to cooperate with the Interkulturelles Zentrum (IZ) in 2007 in the frames of EU funded project on youth empowerment in Georgia. Cooperation continued in the frames of the another EU funded project "CAUCULT" with the aim to empower civil society actors to use alternative means of cultural expression.

APD is in partnership with the Foundation BRATNIAK (Poland) since 2009. Since then in cooperation APD and BRATNIAK coorganised several international projects aiming at competence development of young people in the field of intercultural dialogue.

APD is in partnership with the Centro Picasso (Estonia) since 2011. APD and Centro Picasso annually organise international youth projects with the aim of youth empowerment.

APD is in partnership with the Me Out (Hungary) since 2013. APD and Me Out cooperate in the farmes of several international youth projects with the aim to strengthen capacities of youth workers from all over Europe.

APD Partners

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